Costruzione di 9 alloggi nella zona di espansione Landwirt – Bressanone

Bressanone (BZ)


Design competition: finalist


The project proposal is based on careful control and compliance with the standards to which the residential buildings of the IPES must comply.
This new urbanization is characterized by different tax rates of the buildings thus creating a pleasant image typical of “terracing”.
Other characterizing elements are the retaining walls in exposed local stone. It is precisely from a careful study of this aspect that the first important design choice arises, that is the desire to free the building from contact with the ground on the north-east side of the lot, towards the escarpment. This design setting allows for natural lighting on the entire perimeter of the ground floor. The internal geometry of the building which aims to obtain maximum “cleanliness” of the distribution.
The pedestrian entrance takes place from the north-east side. The building thus develops with a basement that houses parking and cellars on which rest three floors above ground that accommodate the accommodations. These are served by a stairwell lit with natural light that connects the building throughout its elevation.
The ground floor houses the other private gardens of the houses, in direct communication with the living room and the common garden. All the apartments on the first and second floor have been equipped with a covered loggia on which the large glass window in the living room opens up. The openings are of two sizes, wider for the bedrooms.
The darkening takes place by means of folding shutters with the same finish as the façade. This allows you to read the volume in a unitary way with only the loggias that stand out as a characterizing element. The volume, developing with the longer side in a north-west – south-east direction, favors “passing” apartments. The floor plans of the apartments favor flexibility, favoring possible future modifications while respecting the division between the day and night areas. The layout of the apartments has been designed to never have the sleeping and living areas adjacent to each other between neighboring apartments. The functional internal conformation is reflected in the material treatment of the building that “arises” from a solid base in exposed local stone “the ideal retaining wall of the building”. The simplicity of the volume is accentuated by the plastered finish of the walls that interacts with the wood, used both for the fixtures and for the lining of the loggias of the individual apartments. The placement of the openings allows you to create dynamic facades but at the same time respectful of the context. Great importance was also given to the quality of the outdoor spaces, trying to have the largest possible green area, creating a pleasant place for future residents.



Bressanone_esternonuovo-e1606842120768-1250x969.jpg Bressanone_interno-e1606839257727-1250x782.jpg